• Things I'm Proud Of

    "Unravelling the mysteries of the universe in a subtle, quiet manner. Occassionally silly but usually poignant and sad."


    #RAW Comedy National Finalist (first big break)
    #Sold Out Comedy Festivals
    #Performed and Written for lots of TV Shows.

    #Millions of People Have Laughed at Things I've Said
    #Author of Essays, Stories and Novellas.
    #Amazon Bestseller List

    #Contributed to Important Stuff. Projects that were Meaningful.

    #Make Money by Making People Laugh

    "Every so often a comic comes along who is so different and moving, you leave wondering what you just saw. Certainly an act for cult audiences and fans of the absurd."

  • Stage Shows

    Truth and Ultraviolence

    The boy sits, leaning against the tree, humming songs as the cool breeze throws dust into the air around him, through his hair and into the falling sky. Light brushes the lines of the young face as thoughts and dreams rush past his eyes. Anything is possible in hyperspace.

    Sight and Story

    This is a show about love, retrospection, seeing things, music, storytelling and humour. It is small, short, sweet and is a hilarious, absurd and sometimes inappropriate stand-up show filled with romance, adventure and confusion in an often confusing world.